Enamel and crystal encrusted hearts (Swarovski crystalised elements) form this classical and timeless series. Your time to sparkle! The metal work is heavily patinated giving the finish an intentional texture. The metal work has been oxidised to darken the colour.







PILGRIM - Heart-2-Heart - Heart Pendant Necklace - Brown/Gold Plate BNWT
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PILGRIM - Heart-2-Heart - Heart Pendant Necklace - Brown/Gold Plate BNWT

A very wearable statement necklace, with a double strand cord: gold plated metal 1.5 mm thickness snake chain and a robust suede cord (flat 4 mm wide) which then cleverly forms part of the pendant, with various puffed hearts sealing the pendant's ends. The pendant is a vertical arrangement of hearts, all different, the uppermost heart measures 4 cm/40 mm it is metal backed and framed with a textured chocolate brown leather insert; a patinated plain metal half-puffed heart (2.5 cm/25 mm); a Swarovski crystal studded heart (2.5 cm/25 mm); two further hearts (1.5 cm/15 mm); a smaller crystal studded heart and a cut-out and enamelled 'hearts within a heart' (2.5 cm/25 mm).  Pendant measures 14.5 cm/145 mm in length.  It is fixed in position (so it won't slip around). Necklace measures  14 inches/36 cm to an adjustable 17 inches/43 cm. Impressed with the PILGRIM logo on the reverse and the extension chain carries the PILGRIM logo.
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