BIG BABY Scottie Dog Hair Slide/Clip

BIG BABY Scottie Dog Hair Slide/Clip

Beautifully formed acrylic Scottie Dog hair clip. Swarovski crystal details. 4.5cm/45mm longest side. Holds a small amount of hair - great for decoration. Various colours available. 

£9.50 Sale! £7.50
Cerise Pink/Pink Crystals (out of stock)
Mid-Green/Pink Crystals (2 in stock)
Peacock Blue/Grey Crystals (out of stock)
Pale Green/Grey Crystals (2 in stock)
Chocolate/Pink Crystals (2 in stock)
Pale Grey/Grey Crystals (2 in stock)
Pale Grey/Red Crystals (1 in stock)
Pale Teal/Pink Crystals (out of stock)


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