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A & C Norway
 -Tea Party
 -Standard Sized Charm Collection
 -Fern Leaf
 -Faceted Crystal Hearts & Jewels
 -Medium & Large Sized Clasp Charm Collection
 -Winter Dream
 -Sweet Butterfly
 -Swarovski Crystal Stud Earrings
 -Charm Holders
 -Key To My Heart
 -Beach House
 -White Rabbit
 -Funny Mushroom
 -Grace Kelly
BIG BABY Acrylic
 -Hair Clips & Elastics
 -Cuffs & Bangles
 -Key Rings & Bag Charms
 -Hair Bands
 -Bag Charms
 -Hair Clips
 -Hair Elastics
 -Autumn Woodland
 -Arcadian Opulence
 -Bohemian Hearts
 -In Chains 'Chain Gang'
 -All That Plaid
 -Wild Flowers
 -Victorian Ritz
 -Flowers & Foliage
 -Autumn Leaves
 -Butterfly Society
 -Botanical Garden
 -Fruity Fruit
 -Summer Time Jamboree
 -Floral Couture
 -Garden of Eden
 -Graceful Geometrics
 -Love Birds
 -Boho Glam
 -California Dreamin'
 -Floral Folklore
 -Birds And The Bees
 -Bursts Of Brilliance
 -In Vogue
 -Asymmetrical Jewels
 -A Very Grand Affair!
 -Ice Petals
 -Time Piece
 -Delicate Trinkets
 -Eternal Attraction
 -Picturesque Butterfly
 -Beach Comber
 -Blossoms & Bees
 -Charm Du Jour
 -Butterfly Romance
 -Hearts Desire
 -Pretty Petals
 -Free Spirit
 -Cluster Allure
 -Abalone Moon
 -City Chic
 -Summer Lovin'
 -Owl - Cosmo Sense
 -Turtle - Cosmo Sense
 -Autumn Ray
 -Pine Cone
 -Eccentric Elegance
Bombay Duck London
 -Masks & Make-Up Bags
 -Photo Frames & Mirrors
 -Jewellery Boxes
Disaster Designs
 -Purses & Wallets By Disaster Designs
 -Disaster Designs Make-Up Bags & Pencil Cases
 -Shopping Bags By Disaster Designs
 -Hand Bags By Disaster Designs
Fiona Hewitt U.K
 -Cushions & Bolsters
 -Kitsch Tins With Cute Things!
 -Perpetual Calenders
 -Kitsch Tins For Various Things!
 -Various Cases!
Frilly-Pink - England
 -Pendants & Necklaces
 -Cords & Chains 4 Pendants
Lisbeth Dahl
Maria Allen U.K
Miscellaneous Items
NOA Handcrafted U.K
PILGRIM Danish Design
 -Babushka Russian Dolls
 -Silver Plated Charms
 -Gold Plated Charms
 -Pilgrim Essentials
 -Sunglasses & Accessories
 -Enchanted Flower
 -Swallows & Flowers
Ragtail n Tickle
Real Flowers Jewellery
 -Bracelets & Bangles
Silver Dream Sterling Silver
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